India will take on Pak at global tournaments: Amit Shah

The questions have once again resurfaced with India taking on Pakistan in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy on Sunday and the hockey team facing off in the evening in the group stage of the World Hockey League semifinals.India skipper Manpreet Singh also cautioned his side against any complacency in the upcoming games against Canada and Pakistan.”India-Pak will continue to play at worldwide tournaments but neither India will play in Pak nor Pak will play in India”, said BJP president Shah after questions were raised over India and Pakistan playing sports once again.”We always look at Pakistan as just another team and we always look at earning those three points from the match to advance in the league stage. But we have made huge strides and we’ve got to continue to work out ways to get on the right side of these scenarios when things aren’t favourable to us”. Team India has had a decent record against Canada, having won league stage matches in 2015 and 2016 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup with a score of 5-3 and 3-1 respectively.But Manpreet said India cannot afford to take the opposition lightly as any team can bounce back in a match. “They can come up with a good game and hence it is important for us to stick to the roles assigned by our coach and execute them as planned”, he said.India face off against Canada today before the anticipated clash against Pakistan on Sunday.However, Amit Shah also mentioned that neither India will play in Pakistan nor Pakistan will play in India. This is the first time the top leader of ruling BJP has clearly spelt their stand on sporting ties with the neighbouring country.”They’ve probably got 15 or 16 players who could fit into this team and do a fantastic job”.”We play with no pressure”.”We are discussing and considering various names, among ourselves and all the NDA constituents”, Amit Shah said.After the match against Scotland, India will play Canada on June 17, Pakistan on June 18 in what would be a high voltage encounter.