Lawsuit: Atlanta Hawks treated black celebrities differently

Kanye West was among the black artists subjected to more thorough security screening than white artists, a lawsuit filed by the Atlanta Hawks’ former security manager claims. However, celebrities such as Bon Jovi and Amy Schumer were granted access without any issues. He claimed that he observed the pattern of discrimination beginning from the start of his employment at Philips Arena in August of 2016.After repeated inquiries on why blacks were treated differently, Parker fired Hayes, saying he “suspended a staff member for insubordination and terminated a staff member for sleeping on post without first consulting with human resources”, a policy Hayes claimed in the lawsuit never had been given to him despite repeated requests for such.The Hawks hired Hayes in August to work as manager of security operations at Philips Arena and for the team, the lawsuit says. The two black celebrities requested to be allowed to bypass metal detectors, but their requests were denied.When rappers 2 Chainz, Jeezy and The Dream performed at the arena in December 2016, their requests to bypass the metal detectors were denied, but later several white WWE performers were granted special privileges.However, Hayes noticed that during the same period, requests by white celebrities to bypass metal detectors were granted.Hayes claims things came to a head in April 2017 when a black security officer told a white member of Radiohead’s crew he had to walk through a metal detector – and the crew member responded by dropping his trousers. The same requests for acts like Bon Jovi and Adele, the suit says, were granted. The crew member reportedly protested by dropping his trousers.”On Aug. 26, 2016, Drake and Future (both of whom are black) performed at Philips Arena“.Read the full report, which also includes a bit about a member of Radiohead’s tour crew allegedly dropping trou when told to utilize the venue’s metal detector, right here.”We will defend vigorously“, the statement says.Additionally, Hayes makes claims against Jason Parker, the Vice President of Customer Service and Operations for the Atlanta Hawks, who reportedly told Hayes that the difference in security measures was due to, “hip hop acts draw a different crowd, and the white acts bring in more money”.