Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Data Leak May Invite Critical Exploits

To test this claim, ZDNet asked cybersecurity researcher Matthew Hickey, co-founder of Hacker House, to attempt to hack into Windows 10 S. After three hours with a new laptop running on Windows 10 S, Mr. Hickey injected malicious code into system and gained privileges to remotely access and control the computer, ZDNet reports. The leaked source code could offer hackers a chance to play with some of the source code for Windows 10 and try to search for security loopholes in the code.On the other hand, given that the code was already meant to be available to “qualified customers, enterprises, governments, and partners” its release may not be such a big deal after all, as Microsoft may already have an expectation that this data could one day leak.According to The Register, a “massive treasure trove” totaling 32TB of official and non-public installation images and software blueprints was compressed down to 8TB and uploaded to, an online repository for beta software and what is known as abandonware. The source code was later removed, confirmed Beta Archive owner Andrew Whyman to The Verge.The source code leaked online has two important modules including USB and Wi-Fi for Windows 10.Apart from this, the leaked and top secret builds of Windows 10 were created by engineers for testing and bug-hunting purposes, which included private debugging symbols. BetaArchive has removed files from its servers – The Register posted screenshots for the sake of posterity.Furthermore, the leak also includes several builds of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Adaptation Kit which is a top-secret tool to enable the OS to run on multiple portable or mobile devices.The Register claimed the data dump was 32 TB large, but BetaArchive tells The Verge that “the source code was just 1.2GB in size”. It is believed the data was exfiltrated from Microsoft’s in-house systems.Microsoft is yet to comment on the matter.