NES Classics Came Back in Stock and Immediately Sold Out Again

There are also other deals available, some of which cost more than $200 and include Zelda: Breath of the Wild merchandise. According to ThinkGeek’s spokesperson, there will be “thousands of units available” – so act fast while supplies last.For what was originally a $60 product, these prices are insane, but considering the cheapest used NES Classic Edition consoles on Amazon are selling for around $200, you will end up saving some money.When DualShockers’ Co-Founder, Joel Taveras, successfully managed to land his pre-order for the highly-anticipated SNES Classic Edition at Walmart, we knew in an instant that the scenario was too good to be true. “So please do not worry”, said the lovely Liliana P. on the Walmart customer support chat. Now, it appears that the company may have been a bit premature in putting them on sale.Lest your forget, the NES Classic was discontinued by Nintendo in April.Replying to the anxious customers, Walmart also said, “We are so sorry!” While Nintendo has assured fans that the SNES Classic will be much easier to come by than its predecessor, demand will still likely be high. And it seems like the first round of Walmart’s SNES Classic Edition pre-orders may be rife with those problems. Either way, the page was soon unavailable.Target have confirmed that they expect to see their stock release online at a later date, which could mean the pre order page going live before August.