Nintendo Spotlight at E3 2017 live stream

Super Mario Odyssey, the first proper Mario game for the Nintendo Switch, will feature a local co-op gameplay mode albeit one that is slightly unusual. The second player will take control of Mario’s hat, Cappy, in co-op mode.During Nintendo’s E3 video presentation, we finally got a release date for Super Mario Odyssey: October 27, 2017.Unlike oddball additions to games such as Grand Theft Auto or other highly moddable titles, the hat-toss technique looks right at home in Super Mario 64.Helping Mario in his quest is Cappy, a ghost-like creature who has possessed the plumber’s hat.The big thing in Super Mario Odyssey is that Mario can throw Cappy at anyone or anything and possess it. Meanwhile, with Cappy, players can fly around, attack enemies, and perform actions that Mario can’t otherwise do.In single-player mode, Cappy can be used to capture objects as well as enemies.The idea of having someone control Cappy exclusively in Super Mario Odyssey sounds a bit. not great, actually.The city (which served as the inspiration for the design of Nintendo’s booth) was one of the two areas I was able to explore during my brief time with the game. In New Donk City, for example, you’ll be awarded a Moon by filling empty planters with seeds, or playing a game of jump rope with some citizens. Or even a more advanced version of Super Mario Galaxy’s co-op where the second player could point a Wiimote at the screen and pick up collectables.Nintendo’s Spotlight at E3 2017 live stream will begin shortly.