Rumor: SNES Classic US pre-orders held back by missing approval

The fans can still feel the disappointment about the discontinuation of NES classic edition.Following this week’s announcement of the SNES Classic Edition, various publications have had the chance to go hands-on with the little system. Twenty-five years after the peripherals’ initial release for Ninty’s fourth generation console, it is seeing a resurgence thanks to a Nintendo partner – hardware manufacturer Hyperkin.It seems that many of those who were able to snatch it up did so only for a profit.Hopefully the SNES Classic is available soon!Some of you reading this might remember the SNES paint program Mario Paint and the Super Nintendo styled mouse that came packed with the cartridge.The latest move, however, with listings of the SNES, may prove to be against the rules of Ebay’s presale listings policy.It would appear that a number of the listings not only hope to sell the console far outside the 30 day requirement, but also do not specify the SNES classic is now still a pre-order.As we had reported earlier, SNES Classic Edition not being relaunched but is all set to go on sale soon, although we don’t know the exact time, gamers are already preparing themselves for a mad rush to get their hands on the first available pre-orders and secure their consoles for the fall. Although we don’t have stock numbers, the speed in which those things are selling out, they can only be either NES Classic or Nintendo Switch. The two controllers are to make the Classic Edition’s multiplayer games playable right out of the box.On the other note, there are certain drawbacks for buying SNES classic edition when compared to NES classic edition.