Samsung develops 6CA-supporting LTE modem tech

The smartphone chip wars may have focused on processors so far, but just how fast your data connection is has become the next frontier. As a result, with the right network and in the right conditions, it could theoretically offer 1.0 gigabit downlink speeds.The manufacturer says the speed boost is due to its support of six carrier aggregation (6CA), an achievement that it worked closely on with Japanese telecommunication measuring instrument provider Anritsu. According to Anritsu, Japan-based telecommunication measuring instrument provider, Samsung’s 6CA-supported LTE modem technology achieved a maximum downlink speed of 1.2 gigabits per second (Gbps), which is 20 percent improvement compared to Samsung’s predecessor model.The new product can hit download speeds of 1.2GBps, enough to download a full-length HD film in 10 seconds. Samsung’s Exynos 8895 also offers it. However, Sprint recently promised four carrier aggregation and achieved 330 Mbps on a single channel via “massive MIMO” trials with Samsung.That’s a much slower process than pumping out new silicon, but as more USA carriers tout higher network support, we likely won’t have to wait as long before we’re transferring data at record clips. It’s something we’ve seen carriers look to in traffic-dense areas, where a localized network relying on unlicensed spectrum could help shift some users off the traditional backhaul. Of course, the hardware in the phone in your pocket is only half of the story.Carrier aggregation is something which is used in LTE-Advanced in contemplation of increasing the bandwidth.Not only does this get Samsung ready for 5G (whenever that arrives), but with chips housing the updated modems entering mass production at the end of 2017, it sets up the Galaxy S9 to be the fastest smartphones on the market.