Yoga travels the world

As many as 200 employees of Gaursons India Pvt Ltd participated in the Yoga Day celebrations held at the company’s office in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh this morning. “Everybody should imbibe the quality of practising yoga”, the chief minister said.The prime minister, who is himself a yoga enthusiast, stressed that those who start practising it realise that their body parts have become supple and that they have become active.The sessions were designed as per the guidelines from the Ministry of Ayush to encourage people to adopt to Reebok’s “Fitness is Life” philosophy, cultivating a healthier lifestyle.Meanwhile, Indian Navy officers also performed Yoga with great zest in confined spaces onboard a Submarine on this occasion.On Wednesday the United Nations headquarters in NY lit up with images of poses, among the events being held across more than 100 countries to mark the third International Yoga Day.”Issac Newton had given the law of physics, but the whole world uses it. Theory of relativity was given by Albert Einstein, but the whole world uses it”. Similar yoga displays were organized in villages, towns and cities across India.Sadhvi asserted that Yoga has answers to all the problems existing in the world.The 66-year-old Prime Minister is known as a Yoga enthusiast himself and is reputed to rise at dawn to do yoga exercises regularly.Mr Modi’s official Twitter account, which has more than 30 million followers, has posted pictures of mass yoga sessions in China, Colombia, the United States, Paraguay, Mexico, Italy, Singapore and atop Machu Picchu, a 15th-century Inca citadel in Peru. The Guinness authorities later handed a certificate to Ramdev and Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, confirming the inclusion of the new record. Modi conveyed his greetings to all the people joining the global yoga day celebration all over India and thanked the UP government foe hosting the celebration at such large scale in spite of heavy rainfall. At that time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present during the yoga session.India’s permanent representative at the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin performed yoga in NY along with many foreign nationals, the broadcaster said.