CAC holds on new coach appointment

The Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) Chairman Vinod Rai has overturned the thought process of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) to confer with India captain Virat Kohli before announcing the name of the head coach.Virender Sehwag, whose interview nearly went for two hours, on being asked about his chances of being appointed as India’s head coach, he said: “You will get to know soon”.Shastri, who remained in the United Kingdom after the completion of the Champions Trophy 2017, gave his interview via Skype. Shastri, the former director of the Indian team, and Simmons made the most of the extended deadline of July 9 after Anil Kumble chose to step down as the head coach on June 20. Credit needs to Virat Kohli for staying completely out of this process.While it was a race to the finish between Shastri and Sehwag, the former was the deserved victor if unbiased BCCI officials are to be believed.”We feel there is no hurry at the moment”, Ganguly said on Monday in Mumbai.However, the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) will interview only six of the 10 candidates.The CAC, which was given the job of picking the next coach, held interviews today with potential coaches.It is learnt that each interview went for about an hour and the candidates were asked a particular set of questions.A very reliable source close to the developments told The Hindu: “Mr. Rai has asked the BCCI to announce the name the head coach by Tuesday evening”.Ganguly said that the presentations given by coaches on their roadmap for Indian cricket were no different from what they saw previous year. It is the players who will be playing and the support staff will be there. One of the members in the CAC wanted an Indian at the helm as he felt the players are more comfortable around an Indian and can express their issues better because language becomes a barrier when a foreigner is made coach.