Celtics president Danny Ainge: We are getting the player we want

The Celtics and 76ers had agreed on the parameters of a deal on Saturday night after Philadelphia held a workout with Fultz, who will become the fourth No 1 overall pick in franchise history by the 76ers at the draft to be held in Brooklyn. That’s the most important takeaway of the Sixers’ trade with the Boston Celtics, which was officially confirmed Monday afternoon.Ainge didn’t rule out the possibility that Boston could use the No. 3 pick in a secondary move but seemed to hint that the team made this initial move simply because it believed it could add a future pick while still getting its desired player. With an additional pick in 2018 or 2019 as well, the cupboard continues to be stocked in Boston. If the Lakers pick falls outside those parameters, the Sixers will either send the better of their or the Sacramento Kings’ 2019 draft pick to the Celtics, provided it is not the No. 1 pick. However, if either of those picks ends up as No. 1 the Celtics will receive the rights to less favorable of those two picks.Coverage for the National Basketball Association draft begins at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday on ESPN, with the Sixers set to pick first for the second year in a row. In addition to Fultz and Jackson, UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball, who is expected to be drafted at No. 2 by the Lakers, Duke small forward Jayson Tatum and Kentucky point guard De’Aaron Fox are considered by many to round out the top prospects.The Celtics already have a point guard in Isaiah Thomas, so it’s not insane to imagine that they’ll be looking to fill another position on their roster with the pick.While Fultz is clearly a talented player, the Celtics already are very deep at the point guard position. If the Celtics felt Fultz isn’t the draft’s surefire best player, acquiring another pick with the player they crave would be smart and give them a bit more cap room, with a No. 3 pick being cheaper to sign than a No. 1.This trade is huge since Philadelphia also had number one pick in last year’s National Basketball Association draft, where they drafted LSU star Ben Simmons. “We feel like it’s a jump-start for us. The timing of the deal and the protections on the pick suggests both teams were negotiating on common grounds”.If the Lakers, 76ers and Kings all make rapid improvements – or if the Lakers simply win next year’s lottery – this trade could look pretty bad for the Celtics when all is said and done.While Ainge isn’t going to admit it, Fultz is likely the player they would have selected if they kept the top pick. The other option is to trade for someone who complements Paul George’2 style of play in preparation for 2018.The 6-foot-4 guard averaged 23.2 points, 5.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 25 games during his lone college season at Washington, excelling on a team that finished 9-22 and lost its final 13 games.