Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott reportedly bracing for suspension

The NFL’s year-long investigation into domestic violence claims against Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is still ongoing, and after reports that he had been told he was in the clear, Elliott is now bracing for a short suspension, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.”There’s a growing sense that Zeke Elliott is going to face some sort of discipline and it very well could include a short suspension”, Schefter said Friday morning.It is one of the many reasons that the Ohio State product Elliott now is gearing up for a short suspension, even if the National Football League insists no resolutions have been made, multiple sources said.Elliott led the National Football League in rushing as a rookie last season, picking up 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns on 322 carries. “This thing has been dragged out”.The allegation against Ezekiel Elliott came from an incident a year ago in Columbus, Ohio, when a woman identified as Elliott’s girlfriend at the time claimed that the running back assaulted her while they sat in a auto together, Bleacher Report noted. She was identified as his girlfriend. Police investigated the matter without ever charging Elliott.The NFL has a policy where domestic violence incidents constitute an automatic six-game suspension but the investigation is still pending on the NFL’s part but Elliott is expected to respond to the NFL’s recent findings in the investigation in the next few weeks.The Cowboys do not yet know anything definitive about Elliott’s fate … but if he is about to know the charges so will they.Elliott’s off-the-field issues have included video of him pulling up a woman’s shirt during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Dallas.