Gay couple recreates Pride photo 24 years later

In April 1993, hundreds of thousands of people took part in the March on Washington for LGBTQ rights.Despite living in Tampa, they decided to make the trek up to the nation’s capital to participate in the event after Cardello’s brother died of AIDS just months earlier.During the march, the couple posed for a loving photo on the National Mall near the Washington Monument. The photo was a recreation of the photo that they took together way back in 1993 at the same event. During the June 11 protest march, a friend encouraged them to recreate their 1993 photo.A couple in their 50s recently recreated a photo of themselves from the LGBT March on Washington more than two decades ago, and a Facebook post showing the striking images stacked atop one another has gone viral. As of Wednesday, his post had 8,700 likes and almost 25,000 shares.”We could never have imaged the incredible response to this that we received”, they continued.”We started reading the comments on the post and it really touched us how many people connected with that photo”, Cardello said. We go to Pride every year to be supportive.’People need to see same-sex couples just being couples – those images are missing from the media.”You need to represent”, he said.Married couple Nick Cardello and Kurt English have been together for a quarter of a century.”I needed time to feel comfortable posting those photos”, he says, “and people needed time to see them”. “That is a good question especially since the structure of our society is set up to pull us apart”, the pair told HuffPost.A photo of young Cardello and English.When Nick Cardello and Kurt English went to the Equality March in Washington D.C., on June 11, they made a decision to recreate a photograph they took in the exact same spot 24 years ago. “It’s who we are”, he told Buzzfeed.