Golden State Warriors Reportedly To Skip White House Visit

Warriors players reveled in the celebration, providing some unforgettable scenes. Credit must be given to two-time regular season MVP Stephen Curry, who has proven he is an unselfish superstar that puts the team’s needs ahead of his own ego.That is because the Warriors boast an intimidating starting lineup featuring four All-Stars in their 20s who are likely to be with the team for years to come.If you’re scoring at home, that’s 24,000 retweets for the original tweet of purported news, but literally one retweet for the subsequent admission that it was simply an anonymous lifting of stuff other people said. Klay Thompson is an all-time great shooter and a defensive stopper. “This is Golden State’s era”. When Green – whose unique skill set at center fortifies a unit so devastating, it’s called the death lineup – got into foul trouble, they turned to Durant (a skilled 7-footer unlike any other) at center.Golden State has everything a team could ever want – and answers when the machine sputters, which isn’t often.But the Warriors are the only team to achieve 16-1 in reality, not a hypothetical. His early foul trouble probably prevented him from getting into any kind of rhythm, but his teammates should have also understood that they needed to get him more involved in the team’s offense.A year ago, these Warriors fell short after a record-setting season that included a 24-0 start and 73 victories at the end to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ wins.But why stop there?Questions about the Warriors’ plans for a trip to Washington, D.C., arose just hours after they won their second National Basketball Association title in the last three years, when a CNBC analyst tweeted that the team unanimously made a decision to skip the White House visit. How many more can they win?Golden State won only two.After dropping last year’s title to Cleveland making the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history from a 3-1 deficit, the Warriors vowed not to stumble again.