Hero MLB Umpire Saves Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

On Wednesday, MLB umpire John Tumpane was walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh, just outside PNC Park, where Trumpane would later work the Rays-Pirates game (TB-PIT GameTracker).An umpire calling a Pittsburgh Pirates game against the Tampa Bay Rays went above and beyond his duties Wednesday, saving the life of a woman prior to the start of play. But it’s justifiably all kudos and gratitude for the call made by ump John Tumpane after he helped save a woman on the verge of an apparent suicide attempt from jumping off the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh.Woman: “I just wanted to get a better look of the city from this side.” .”You don’t want to do that”, Tumpane recalled saying to the woman as he hooked his arm around her. “I hope she has the family support that I know I would have in my family, and hopefully this was just a bad day with a good ending”. “Hopefully it’s an eye-opener for her as well, and it can help her get back on track”. “We’re all here for the right reasons”, Tumpane told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The two men had never met before that day, and it was just happenstance that they both crossed the bridge and saw the woman.The woman repeatedly told Tumpane to let her go, but he refused.”You never know what somebody’s day looks like”, he said. “I appreciate this opportunity but I know this is just for her and that people care about her”.”No, we’re here to help you”. “Let me from. Tomorrow you will have me forgotten”. He said he wants to reconnect with the woman Thursday, before he leaves Pittsburgh.The woman was finally pulled to safety and she was laid on a mat as paramedics prepared the ambulance. The ledge where she stood extended only about a foot from the bridge.The Chicago-native then explained how he ran over to the woman, struck up a conversation and asked why she had clambered over the railing and was just one step away from nearly certain death. “Hopefully it’s an eye-opener for her as well, and it can help her get back on track”. “I think I’ve just been a caring person all my life and saw someone in need”. A professional umpire for more than 15 years, Tumpane became a full-time Major League Baseball umpire last season.So seeing an umpire in the news for something positive like Tumpane’s heroism on Wednesday, is heartwarming to say the least. Please call the National Prevention Lifeline 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255.