International Football Association Board to consider radical rule changes

The IFAB are also looking at the possibility of giving penalties for goalkeepers handling backpasses, an offence which now incurs an indirect free-kick inside the box, and awarding “penalty goals” for handballs on the line.Awarding a goal for handball on the line would have probably seen Ghana reach the 2010 World Cup semi-finals as Uruguay’s Luis Suarez was sent off for handling Dominic Adiyiah’s goalbound shot on the line in the dying seconds of extra-time – Asamoah Gyan failed to convert the penalty and the South American side went on to win in the penalty shootout.Created to tackle the handsome game’s negative aspects, the document has three aims: to improve player behavior and respect, increase actual playing time, and to increase fairness and attractiveness.They will also contemplate making penalty kicks during games the same as in shootouts, with the only outcomes being a goal or a goal-kick to the defending team.Among Elleray’s ideas is to turn penalty kicks into stand-alone events, with a goal-kick being awarded if a penalty is missed or saved, removing the potential for a second attempt.Teams could also be docked points for surrounding a referee. Speaking with The Times, described how the proposals were drawn up to ‘make the game better’.These proposals also offer referees the opportunity to use the video review system, Video Assisted Refereeing.Now the clock is never stopped, even when the ball goes out of play or players are down injured.IFAB says the document has three aims – to improve player behaviour and increase respect, to increase playing time and to increase fairness and attractiveness. You could say that it is a quiet revolution aimed at getting football even better.”It is a radical document”, Ifab technical director David Elleray told The Times.Could we soon see the end of stoppage time in soccer and shorter matches?Adopting two halves of 30 minutes with the clock stopped when the ball goes out of play is one of dozens of ideas put forward by IFAB in a bid to make football more attractive.Some of the age old rules of football could soon be scrapped by law makers who are proposing some radical changes to the way the handsome game is played.Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech thinks it’s a good idea to change the format, do you?The proposals at the moment are only for consideration and are part of a strategy document issued by IFAB called “Play Fair Strategy”.One of IFAB’s particular gripes is with time wasting.