James Harden Net Worth Before His $228M Extension with Houston Rockets

James Harden Net Worth Before His $228M Extension with Houston Rockets

James Harden net worth just skyrocketed after the “Bearded One” got a record-setting deal worth $228 million from the Houston Rockets. Harden entered the league back in 2009 and his value seems to be getting a boost as each year passes.

The new four-year deal for Harden will be good for up to 2022-23, branded as a the supermaximum extension, the richest one in NBA history, ESPN reported. Prior to the new deal, Harden was in the last two years of his contract with $59 million left.

James Harden net worth getting out of hand

Even before Harden got that record $228 million deal, the all-star guard was already getting income from other sources. That included the $200 million deal dangled by Adidas for him to leave Nike. That deal alone will pay him an average of $15 million annually, Celebrity Net Worth reported.

This was aside from the $14.7 million salary he would have gotten, meaning Harden would have already been getting roughly more than $32 million a year. With the latest deal, those numbers have been jacked to $57 million a year – meaning the “Bearded One” earns more than $530,000 per game.

Aside from his NBA contract and the Adidas deal, Harden also has partners in Beats, Foot Locker, NBA 2K and more. From that alone, the millions seem insurmountable for Harden who appears to have it made as he continues his basketball career.

Is Harden worth that much?

The ridiculously huge contract has drawn criticism meaning Harden will have to strut his best to fend off detractors. The Houston Rockets have added help in Chris Paul and there is the possibility of adding another NBA all-star in Carmelo Anthony.

With a big three of their own in the works, the obvious cornerstone is Harden. He arrived in Houston in 2012 and has been the primary offensive option. The Rockets have yet to figure in the NBA Finals but with Paul (and possibly Anthony) backing up Harden, the outlook seems promising.

For Harden, the new deal adds a bit of pressure for him to come up big. He has proven that in the past but Daryl Morey and company want the big prize – an NBA trophy. Despite the addition of all-star and likely more, the 27-year-old carries a big load to prove to the Rockets and fans that he is worth every penny of that $228 million deal.

Without a doubt, Harden is a marketing goldmine with more to come. Once he fulfills leading the Rockets to the promised land, expect more outrageous deals coming his way.