LaVar Ball and family to star in reality TV series on Facebook has reported that the Ball family has agreed to star in a docuseries, which is being produced by Facebook.Lonzo will have every opportunity to be a superstar in the National Basketball Association, and if he does blow up to stardom, the Ball family will be around for the next decade.That started the “feud” between Embiid and the Ball family, with LaVar firing back with a few salty comments about Embiid’s inability to stay on the court. But all members of the family will be included in the series, including Lonzo, who was recently drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. LaVar Ball has been incredibly outspoken over the last 12 months, saying things like he could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 and that his oldest son Lonzo is already better than Stephen Curry.It will be interesting to see exactly what the show focuses on, and how long the episodes will be, but with LaVar involved, there’s little doubt that this show should be pretty entertaining.”Our goal is to make Facebook a place where people can come together around video”, Nick Grudin, Facebook’s vice president of media partnerships said about the online hub’s foray into original video content, per the report. If you don’t believe us, here’s the not safe for work link.Joel Embiid and LaVar Ball have had a pretty good feud going since the draft, and Embiid brought it to another level on Wednesday.