Malignaggi on Sparring McGregor: Good Power, He’s No Dummy!

Look forward to helping him get ready for 8/26.”It was good. We did eight good rounds of work”, Malignaggi explained to Brett Okamoto of ESPN after his session with the Irishman.Former six weight world champion Oscar De La Hoya has once again insisted that UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has “no chance” against Floyd Mayweather when the pair face off on August 26th.”There was a lot of fighting and when I look back of it, it was kind of fun”. He’s clearly got a few surprises up his sleeve, and that’s why someone with the boxing brain and experience of Malignaggi will be a huge help. “It was making it a lot of fun”. It’s not what people think.”The division, it’s hard to find somebody that wants to fight these days, and so that’s relevant I guess to some extent, and so now I think I’m finally zeroed in and I’m gonna make something happen here shortly”.The boxing great also wouldn’t mind signing Jessie Vargas back to Mayweather Promotions, as it was Vargas who said that McGregor was knocked out.For mixed martial arts fans, the tool that is expected to be used often in his fight is McGregor’s left hand.The sparring session had even bigger gloves, likely 14 ounce, and Malignaggi praised McGregor’s power.However, it would be foolish to take too much away from one solitary image of an eight round spar – although Malignaggi was complimentary of McGregor’s work. There’s a method to his madness. He and his team are working at it.”I felt OK”, Malignaggi said. Once the two step inside the boxing ring, we will be able to see just how much of an influence Malignaggi had on McGregor during this training camp.The Mayweather-McGregor collision is heavily anticipated to be one of the highest grossing fights in history when the two men square off on August 26 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.