Matt Hughes Accident Update: Still in Coma, Family Asks for Prayers

Matt Hughes Accident Update: Still in Coma, Family Asks for Prayers

The Matt Hughes accident is currently under investigation, and the former UFC welterweight champion is still in a coma. Hughes’ condition appeared to be progressing after it was reported that he’s already awake. However, his family denied the false reports and released an official statement regarding the health status of the former champ.

On Friday, Matt Hughes was involved in an accident after his truck collided with a moving train. Hughes, who suffered a head trauma, was airlifted to SHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois. In the afternoon after the accident, the hospital trauma team reportedly stabilized Hughes’ condition and reports claimed that he’s already awake and squeezing hands.

Matt Hughes Accident: Family dismissed false reports

The reports made some people believe that Hughes is on his way to full recovery. However, Hughes’ sister, Beth Ulrici, made it clear that her brother is not yet awake but is already in a stable condition. On behalf of their family, Ulrici released a statement regarding Hughes’ health status (via MMA Weekly):

“Our family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. Please understand that there are many false reports out there by people who say they are close to the family. We will post another update here when we have more news. Matt is stable and has no broken bones or internal injuries.

“He has some minor lacerations and bruising and is currently being weaned from his ventilator. He is not yet awake and not responding as we would like to see but we see the fight in him. Matts strength and determination along with God’s Mercy and Grace will bring him through this. We ask that you all continue to pray.”

Hughes’ family asks for continuous prayer for the former champ’s speedy recovery. Ulrici also urged the media to stop spreading misinformation regarding Hughes’ condition.

Matt Hughes Accident: Monte Cox and Mark Hughes victims of misinformation

The “false report” came from Hughes’ longtime fight manager, Monte Cox. He said that the former champ was already awake and squeezing hands but has not yet opened his eyes. Cox revealed that he only passed the information from Matt’s twin brother, Mark, who admitted that he received some incorrect information regarding his brother’s condition.

“In talking with the family, they know everybody just wants the best for Matt and his family, but wanted to clarify the misinformation that was being spread, so Matt’s sister, Beth, is providing updates on behalf of the family,” Cox said.