On board the HMS Queen Elizabeth

The 65,000 ton vessel, which will be the UK’s first aircraft carrier since the HMS Ark Royal was scrapped in 2010, is due to leave the shipyard at Rosyth, Scotland, on Monday.Russian Federation is expected to launch a spying operation involving submarines, ships and reconnaissance aircraft when the Royal Navy’s £3bn new aircraft carrier sets sail for the first time.The ship’s commander, Captain Jerry Kyd, said despite her huge size HMS Queen Elizabeth would be an “incredibly flexible tool” showing the scale of British ambition to act as a leading world player.But the HMS Queen Elizabeth has faced significant setbacks during its construction.At high tide the ship was taken through a narrow gate avoiding the dock walls by inches, while under the water line there was just half a metre between the bottom of the ship and the sea bed.Once free, she will wait for low tide and have her tallest masts and antennae stripped down to pass under the Forth bridges, before making her way to the open sea under her own power.The ship is due to come into service next year and be based at HMNB Portsmouth, with its sister ship the HMS Prince of Wales – which will cost a further £3.1billion – due in 2020. Battle-tested aircraft carrier will begin in October 2018. The crew of the aircraft carrier last week spent training on Board.We will go where it’s best to go and not where it’s best for a Soviet nuclear to go, so the reality is we can probably look after ourselves as long as our escort is in the right place at the right time.The new aircraft carrier is the biggest warship ever built for the Royal Navy.The ship will head north to the Moray Firth to conduct the first six weeks of sea trials before heading back to Rosyth for engineering work.