Sebastian Vettel: Lewis Hamilton brake-checked me

Vettel led Ferrari to victory in Australia, Bahrain and Monaco while Raikonnen has yet to win a race. Hamilton appeared to slow a bit while leading the pack under the safety vehicle, causing Vettel to bump into the back of the Mercedes and incurring damage to the nose.Sebastian Vettel maintains Lewis Hamilton brake tested him in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix but refused to comment on whether he deliberately hit the Mercedes driver. I think he disgraced himself today. After eight races, Vettel leads Hamilton by 14 points in the drivers’ championship.”I just think that wasn’t necessary”.”Nothing happened, did it?”.”If I get a penalty then we should both get a penalty”. “I didn’t run into the back of him on objective”.”The championship battle is still respectful I don’t have a problem with him, I think today’s action was wrong”, he said.”I had a little damage, he risked damage”. He’s done something similar a few years ago in China so. “He was obviously sleeping and drove into the back of me”. “We had the upper hand this weekend and will continue to move forward”.Clearly, Hamilton wasn’t in the best of moods when speaking in his post-race interview, particularly when it came to discussing the incident that saw Sebastian Vettel penalised for driving his Ferrari into Hamilton while the Briton followed a safety auto.”It was just a insane race, we knew the podium was a chance after the restart and then we heard about the problems with Lewis and Seb”, Ricciardo said.The Australian secured his fifth career win, while Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas overtook 18-year-old Canadian Lance Stroll’s Williams in the closing meters to take second place.Further chaos unfolded when Daniil Kvyat stopped, his Toro Rosso having lost all electrical power on lap eight.However, the safety auto was employed again immediately on the same lap to allow further debris coming from Raikkonen’s vehicle to be removed from the track.Max Verstappen of Red Bull trailed Sergio Perez of Force India from the beginning of the race.Former world champion Damon Hill, however, called it “a petulant move”, while Mercedes chief Niki Lauda called Vettel “crazy” – and Hamilton struggled to contain his disgust. When he went into the turn the Safety Car was barely 150 metres in front of him and you could see from the start before that he nearly caught the Safety Car over the Safety Car line.He then added to Channel 4: ” I have no doubt he brake-checked me.The racing resumed, for a fifth time, behind a safety auto and when it came in after one lap Hamilton pulled away and Ricciardo dived past Stroll to snatch third. Check out the cheeky powerslide from the Renault of Nico Hulkenberg on the exit!Vettel declined to answer direct questions on the second contact that occurred when he pulled alongside Hamilton to gesticulate at him. Finishing tenth was Sauber’s Pascal Wehrlein who also had a clash with his team-mate during the penultimate stages of the race but managed limping back in the top 10.