Sergey Kovalev seeking to regain titles he lost to Andre Ward

Kovalev is scheduled to fight Andre Ward in a light heavyweight championship boxing match Saturday in Las Vegas.Andre Ward has brushed aside claims his win against Sergey Kovalev was overshadowed by a questionable stoppage decision.The American hurt Kovalev with a big right hand in the eighth round, but the Russian complained that a few of the final blows were below the belt line after referee Tony Weeks hastily waved off the fight. About 30 seconds later, a “questionable” body shot had Kovalev doubled over in pain or perhaps he was just trying to catch the attention of referee Tony Weeks.”When I saw him react to the body shots that were borderline, I knew I had him”, he said.Ward remained unbeaten by turning the tables on the big punching Kovalev, who seemed to tire as the fight went on. Both fighters complained of dirty tactics and Weeks spent a lot of his time breaking up clinches.”They can talk about the low blows but there were rabbit punches that he threw, too”, Ward said.”Honestly, if you look at it, Sergey is not going to have to do much more than what he did because he proved to the fans in the first half of the fight that he can win it at Ward’s own game”, said trainer John David Jackson.”Why stop the fight?” he said. And now he’s lost two fights consecutively, and has been stopped inside the distance for the first time in his career. But while Kovalev was supposed to be the puncher it was a big right hand by Ward that landed midway through the eighth. In the eighth round Ward rocked Kovalev with a right to the head hurting him. “I knew he was hurt”. Ward’s powerful forehand seriously shook Kovalev, who had a panicky step back in the hope to endure till the Gong at the break. Kovalev was credited with throwing 407 punches to 238 for Ward, and out landing him 95-80. The Star-Ledger had Kovalev ahead by point after seven. I’m 13 years in and I’ve been doing it against the best. I think would be a very interesting fight. “I didn’t feel like I was getting knocked down with his punches”.”When you lose consciousness from a punch, you lose consciousness the instant it lands – not one second later”.If the matchup isnt attractive enough, the two fighters have a genuine dislike for each other they were not afraid to voice this week. Ward vs. Kovalev II will begin at 9 p.m. ET on HBO PPV on Saturday and can be ordered through your television provider or at HBO’s official website.Tensions were running high for Kathy Duva and team Kovalev this weekend at Mandalay Bay after what they felt were blatant low blows scored by opposing fighter Andre Ward on route to his victory over Kovalev. In that fight Ward came back from a second round knockdown to win a decision by one point on all three ringside scorecards.After the fight, Ward gave Kovalev his credit and admitted he was the most hard opponent of his career.