Trump proposes to build Mexico wall with solar panels

US President Donald Trump said he’s proposed building a “solar wall” on the Mexican border that would pay for itself by generating electricity.”We’re thinking of something that’s unique”. Is that good? You’re the first group I’ve told that to, solar wall.He joked it would mean Mexico “will have to pay much less money” to build the structure.Gleason Partners was responding to a request for proposal from the DHS that specifically asked “for offers to be submitted for a Solid Concrete Border Wall”.Mr Trump told cheering supporters at a rally in Iowa that he would give them “an idea that nobody has heard about yet”.Under pressure from Democrats, the US Congress has so far refused to commit to funding the project – agreeing only to finance maintenance on existing parts of the border fence.Trump has been criticized by some of his supports for what they see as a lack of attention to one of his key campaign promises. “We are thinking about building a wall as a solar wall”. Still, the idea of attaching solar panels is not entirely new. Vasilis Fthenakis, director of the Center for Life Cycle Analysis at Columbia University, and Ken Zweibel, former director of the Solar Institute at George Washington University, concluded it was “not only technically and economically feasible, it might even be more practical than a traditional wall”. One of the original plans is from Las Vegas construction company Gleason Partners, which submitted a design earlier this year to the federal government along with around some 20 other companies. “The truth is, the people love us”, Trump crowed to the Iowa gathering.Our dear leader has looked skyward and happened upon a brilliant idea, despite pulling out of the Paris Agreement, appointing climate change denying Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA, and wondering aloud on the campaign trail how ozone depletion could be a real thing (think of all the CFCs he unleashed upon his make-believe full head of hair back when hairspray was great), President Trump has found Jesus on the merits of solar power. “We will BUILD THE WALL!”Trump keeps insisting that Mexico will pay for the bill, but the Latin American nation’s President Enrique Peña Nieto refutes this idea.