What should the Cleveland Cavaliers do now?

Because as much as one might want to dwell on how Game 5 went awry after the no-call on Kevin Durant during James’ 2nd quarter dunk, or the 21-2 run by the Warriors that followed, or the defensive breakdowns.The Warriors enjoying their championship win, June 12.Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors hoping to win an elusive title and on Monday he not only reached his goal but was also named the unanimous Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals.Warriors fans had to suffer through watching their team blow a 3-1 series lead past year.Durant – who swapped the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Warriors in the off-season – walked away with the Finals MVP award after scoring 39 points in game five.And with 33.6 points, 12.0 rebounds and 10.0 assists a game in the Finals, James became the first player to average a triple-double in the Finals.While trying to fit into a star-studded team at the start of the season, Durant did what was expected of him when it counted the most, taking over and asserting his dominance in the game.While the Warriors haven’t formally met to discuss whether they will visit President Donald Trump’s White House as is customary for championship teams, Curry said his mind hasn’t changed from when he was asked earlier this year about the possibility.Police issued more than 40 citations and towed at least 30 cars that were driving recklessly on city streets following the Golden State Warriors championship win. But with a core of National Basketball Association stars under 30, odds are they’ll be back. We’ve talked a lot about the Christmas Day game and events leading up to that game where we understood how we all needed to be aggressive and be the players that we are every single night, and we can all show up every night and be ourselves and really achieve the potential that we all have together.From a first-time world champion to veterans with a few titles under their belt, the entire Warriors family got to celebrate an National Basketball Association championship victory on their home court at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Steph Curry added 34 points, Andre Iguodala added 20, Klay Thompson added 11, Draymond Green added 10, Patrick McCaw added 6, Shaun Livingston added 5 and David West added 4 points. What is indisputable, however, is that the Warriors completed one of the most dominant postseason runs in the history of the four major professional sports. They pressured the Cavaliers and made them make mistakes. “Now it’s time to do something new”. The team pulled together in the 1st Half. Yes, one of the greatest teams ever is probably going to be even better next season.