Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths charged by UEFA for ‘provoking spectators’ at Linfield

Media reports said Griffiths tied a Celtic scarf around the Windsor Park goalpost and made a 5-1 gesture – a reference to the predominantly Catholic side’s win over Glasgow rivals Rangers, a Protestant club with close ties to Linfield.”Sometimes you get that in European games”, he said.”With the efforts the club go to and the money they spend, it’s hugely disappointing a few idiots want to bring the club to the attention of people”.Why have Linfield been charged?“It is hugely disappointing as the manager of the club, as we tried to make it about what happens on the pitch”.”It’s important at Celtic Park the 1000 or so Linfield fans behave themselves in an impeccable manner and enjoy the scenery, game and occasion”.Griffiths’ yellow card was one of five which Celtic received and the UEFA charge confirms that it will not be revoked. “He’s been judged by UEFA so we take what comes from that”.Griffiths had a bottle and several other missiles aimed at him during the second-half and was awarded a yellow card by Spanish referee Alejandro Hernandez, seemingly for time wasting, when he delayed taking a corner-kick to show the official what had been thrown onto the pitch.Celtic have also been charged with improper conduct for having five players booked during the match, while Linfield must answer charges in relation to throwing objects and supporters invading the field.Healy will send his side out to be disciplined and defensively sound, as he tries to find a way to be competitive against the Scottish champions.”We’ll just wait and see what the hearing result is on Thursday”.”It’s something where we just have to wait and see what that will be, really”, Rodgers said. We’ll be positive when we have possession, but we’ll also need to be organised and disciplined, which the players to their great credit were last Friday night.’It could mean he misses a Champions League qualification game, which is a huge game for the club and it’s a huge game for him considering he wants to be available and play all the time’.