Hasbro and Nintendo introduce MONOPOLY GAMER, a new way to play MONOPOLY

It’s the meta-game that is the real sweat spot, and shows how it was designed from video games.During your trek as Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach or Yoshi, each character will have a special power to call their own. Monopoly Gamer does away with requiring people to buy property and instead, players will “complete levels” and collect coins.Themed versions of Monopoly are a dime-a-dozen, and usually they aren’t that interesting. Also, this die’s effects can change depending on the character that rolls it. Peach, for instance, will make other players drop four coins with a Red Shell instead of three.Players moves Mario figures around the board and each has a “Super Star” ability, activated when players land on special spaces. For example, rolling the Red Shell allows you to choose another player to drop three coins on the space they’re now on. The secondary die also has power-ups from the Mario franchise, including the red and green shells, which can be used to wreak havoc on other players across the board. Each time a player passes go, they collect two coins and a boss battle begins. When drawn, players may choose to pay a small fee to fight a boss, need only to roll a certain number on the die to win and get the rewards. If a player does that, the boss is defeated with the boss card going into the players inventory. Players tally up the points from the properties they own and the bosses they have defeated, along with 10 extra points for every five coins in their stash. Hasbro is also selling a Gamer Collector’s Edition for $40. With the base game costing $25, and each Power Pack running an additional $4 each, a full complement would set you back almost $60. Hopefully it’s not a friendship killer like…Monopoly Gamer will be out in August for $24.99. But if you can’t wait that long, you can pick up the Monopoly Gamer Collector’s Edition exclusively at EB Games today for $64.99. The collector’s edition will be available for 39.99 Dollars.