HTC U11 in Red color to launch in U.S. on June 20

One manufacturer that is often pushing the envelope on design is HTC.The company is kicking off its summer sale with a new color for the U11 and deals on a bunch of other stuff, too. While those are good looking phones in their own right, their color schemes are fairly tame. This is changing, thankfully, as HTC is bringing the sought-after color to America.Launched in U.S. just 10 days back, HTC U11 is available in three-color options of Amazing Silver, Sapphire Blue, and Brilliant Black.HTC USA has been tweeting images of the red U11 in a variety of locations, with a series of numbers counting down from 5 to go along with it. The HTC U11, in red color is looking absolutely gorgeous and lovely.As if nearly perfectly timed with the rampant heat waves rolling through the greater part of North America, HTC has announced that the extremely attractive (the author’s own opinion) Solar Red U11 will be on sale starting tonight. You’re far from alone, and whether we’re talking about entire handsets that simply aren’t for sale in certain countries, or maybe just particular versions of a phone with special features or color options, it’s nothing but frustrating to know that your dream-phone is just out of reach due to some happenstance of geography. “We then heat and bend the glass using extreme pressure to result in a 3D curved appearance that fits snug in the hand and feels slim no matter which way you hold it”. Pre-orders open tonight, so you should act fast at midnight ET if interested.