IOS 11 Beta 2 vs iOS 10.3.2

Apple are expected to release iOS 11 along with their new iPhone 8 smartphone some time in September, the company have not give a release date as yet, all we know is that it will be released some time this fall. As the version numbers indicate, there are no new front-facing features in any of these updates. For those who have iOS 11 beta 1 installed already, you should be able to access the iOS 11 beta 2 over-the-air in the Settings menu.If you’ve done this right, you should be running the second developer beta of iOS 11. The update introduces a plethora of optimizations and bug fixes (as well as the inevitable emergence of new bugs), but also a few visible tweaks and additions to existing features. Today, we’ll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Thursday.If you’re interested in getting the iOS 11 Beta 2 download, we’re going to explain to you how to do just that. This approach has been proven to be the safest method, especially if you want to get it done quickly. Also, the option to disable the “swipe up to open” function of Control Center while inside an app is now back.New keyboard features like one-handed keyboard on the iPhone and a “Flick” option for typing numbers and symbols more quickly on the iPad, and numerous built-in Apple apps have new functionality and feature updates.Nonetheless, registered developers can download the iOS 11 beta 2 in the tech giant’s Developer Center.You can purchase a developer account for $99 a year – purchase it here.You will also need to register your developer device in the iOS Development Center to authenticate the device. It will only be available on devices with Apple beta configuration profile installed. This is a precaution just in case the device crashes and loses your data and you have to start from scratch, you can grab the backup from iTunes.Drag and Drop lets you drag content like images and links from one app and drop it in another. – Maps has a new feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving that uses Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi doppler effect to automatically enable a block to stop notifications from disturbing the user while behind the wheel.