'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer Drops this Weekend, Soundtrack May Delay Release Date

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer Drops this Weekend, Soundtrack May Delay Release Date

D23 Expo 2017 is slowly approaching. With it comes the growing anticipation for a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. As some fans may know, the upcoming D23 Expo 2017 promises a new trailer for the long-awaited KH3. The forthcoming event on July 15 will be live-streamed, allowing fans to keep up despite their unavailability to be at the Expo itself.

Though the Expo bodes for some good news, other reports suggest that a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 will ultimately be delayed. One factor that may affect the game’s release date is its soundtrack. As per reports, the KH3 soundtrack still requires a lot of work. That is, according to a recent interview with the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, and composer, Yoko Shimomura.

KH3 Soundtrack

A recent interview conducted by Famitsu has Nomura and Shimomura discussing some updates regarding the KH franchise. When pressed on the progress of KH3 music, Shimomura reveals that she still has to “get to work on those.” Nomura later retorts that Shimomura still has to “finish all of them, like around 700” after mentioning that she has only worked on “one or two” songs.

The vast amount that Nomura mentions seems alarming. For one, it suggests that Shimomura still has a long way to go before the KH3 soundtrack is even near its completion. Should this be the case, then there may be a chance of the game’s release date seeing an inevitable delay.

However, it’s worth noting that Nomura and Shimomura’s banter seems playful at most. As such, some netizens note that Nomura may be joking with regards to the outstanding amount of songs that Shimomura may need to work on. Furthermore, Shimomura adds that she continues to be busy with music for KH, which is ultimately a reassurance to fans.

KH3 Trailer at D23 Expo 2017

July 15 marks the release of some new information regarding the upcoming Kingdom Hearts sequel. As to what the awaited trailer will reveal specifically is still unknown. However, several fans are already coming up with their own theories on what to expect at the Expo.

Some netizens theorize that an actual release date will finally be revealed in the new trailer. On the other hand, Nomura recently pleaded with fans to keep their hype at a minimum. This is in an effort to avoid any disappointments, as the presentation at D23 will reportedly include “normal news.” As to what Nomura means by “normal” news is still unknown, though some fans are now preparing themselves for any possible letdowns that the July 15 presentation may bring.

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