Magnitude 6 quake hits North Korea sparking fears of nuclear bomb

A powerful quake of 5.8 magnitude struck off North Korea in the Sea of Japan on Thursday, the US Geological Survey said.North Korean time at a depth of 537.6 km below the East Sea, 176 kilometers east-southeast of Hoemul-li, North Korea, the agency said on its website.In January past year, a man-made quake was detected near a known nuclear testing site in North Korea.In Seoul, South Korean government agencies have challenged North Korea’s claim of a “successful” Fourth of July ICBM test.A magnitude 5.9 natural disaster off North Korea today jolted watchers of the country’s weapons development but experts say it was not caused by a nuclear test.”It occurred at 500 kilometers (310 miles) below the seabed”. John Bellini at USGS told Yonhap there is “no way it was caused by a nuclear test”. “It’s a natural quake”, John Bellini, a geophysicist at the USGS National quake Information Center, told Yonhap by phone.A Pentagon spokesman also said initial indications showed that the quake did not result from a nuclear test.The authorities said that the quake hit early in the morning at a depth of 538 km below the seabed.Japan’s meteorological agency reported a 6.3-magnitude natural disaster, but did not issue a tsunami warning.