Microsoft Working on Game Similar to Horizon Zero Dawn

The game has sold several million copies since its release and is now considered a must play for PlayStation 4 gamers.No one can deny Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most handsome and awesome games we received this year, and luckily for us, Sony plans to continue working with Guerilla Games on the Horizon franchise for years to come. This absolutely attractive open world game perfectly blends third-person shooting with stunning visuals and a memorable new heroine. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently teased that more first-party Xbox One games are on the way, with this game likely being part of that. Our reviewer, Keith Milburn, had this to say about the game, “Horizon Zero Dawn is a breath of fresh air, and a welcome departure from Guerrilla’s previous offerings – but the journey takes some missteps”. You’ll have things like Zelda or Horizon Zero Dawn that’ll come out, and they’ll do really well, but they don’t have the same impact that they used to have, because the big service-based games are capturing such a large amount of the audience.”The reception for the game has been fantastic”, Layden told The Telegraph in a recent interview.Sony and Guerilla Games plan on working on the Horizon franchise for years to come.”We’ve got to understand that if we enjoy those games, the business opportunity has to be there for them”.The Frozen Wilds contains additional content for Horizon Zero Dawn, including new storylines, characters and experiences in a lovely but unforgiving new area. So Horizon fans, expect to see much more Aloy in the near (and hopefully, even far) future.