New 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Worlds Adds 'The Incredibles' - Here's Why

New 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Worlds Adds 'The Incredibles' – Here's Why

New updates regarding the Kingdom Hearts franchise slowly trickle in with the upcoming arrival of D23 Expo 2017. Previous reports indicate that the presentation at this year’s D23 Expo will reveal not only a new trailer but an addition to Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds.

Previous speculations suggest worlds such as Moana and Treasure Planet may be included. Now, recent developments hint that a universe dedicated to The Incredibles may be included in the the lineup of potential Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds May Include The Incredibles

Speculation regarding the inclusion of The Incredibles comes from Kingdom Hearts fans themselves. Redditor Merciful_Neptune cites a recent interview with series director Tetsuya Nomura. The interview has Nomura sharing that he previously promised “some absolutely incredible information” for fans in the near future.

As Merciful_Neptune explains, Nomura may be subtly hinting at a new KH3 world and not a release date as many continue to speculate. With the “incredible” keyword in his statement being taken into account, there are now theories that suggest KH3 may feature a world dedicated to The Incredibles.

On the other hand, some fans argue that The Incredibles may not be included at all. This is because KH3 will already have a superhero-themed world in the form of Big Hero 6. As such, the potential inclusion of The Incredibles in the upcoming game may not be as feasible as one might think.

At this point, any speculation may be considered, seeing as there is still a long way to go before KH3’s release. Fortunately, updates on the game will soon come to light with the presentation at D23 Expo on July 15. Only then will fans know what Nomura is hiding under his sleeve.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack

Previously, it was reported that KH3’s composer, Yoko Shimomura, is being kept busy with work on the game’s soundtrack. Banter between Shimomura and Nomura suggested that the former may be far from her soundtrack deadline. However, as it stands, it seems as if Shimomura has already accomplished quite a lot for KH3.

On the other hand, there some rumors that suggest D23 Expo 2017 may actually reveal a new KH3 theme song. This may manifest in the new trailer that will be revealed at the Expo. However, such speculations remain unconfirmed.

Regardless, some fans continue to hope that the awaited theme song will still be by Japanese pop star Utada Hikaru. It’s worth noting that Utada previously worked on theme songs for the first KH games. Thus, it seems only fitting that she continue the momentum with the next main entry in the franchise. Though fans are hopeful, confirmation regarding such news has yet to be announced.

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