New plan could end shutdown on Monday

“I didn’t”, he said, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. “I’m sure they will get a Pulitzer for this one”.Chris Christie ordered the first state government shutdown in over a decade Friday night as he and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto remained deadlocked in budget negotiations, fighting over a plan to overhaul the state’s largest health insurer.When later shown the photos Mills captured, the governor’s spokesman confirmed that Christie was on the beach “briefly” before heading to Trenton for the press conference.One would assume the Christie family, in solidarity with the entire population of New Jersey, would avail itself of one of the state’s many other fine attractions for a weekend of leisure. “I’ll tell you this, I said last Monday – a week ago today – that no matter what happens, we were coming here as a family this weekend”. He also said that the beach is separate from the state park and that his family will not ask for any state services. “He did not get any sun”, Murray told the Star-Ledger. Christie doesn’t seem likely to back down, and has threatened to line-veto other items in the budget unless he gets his way.The deeply unpopular governor then returned by helicopter to the state-owned governor’s beach house, flying right into the middle of a growing storm of his own making.Christie signed a state of emergency preventing the shut down of essential services like the state police, correctional facilities and hospitals.The shutdown closed numerous state’s tourist attractions including public beaches and camping areas and furloughed an estimated 35,000 state workers. When he was originally asked whether he had been able to enjoy the nice weather, Christie said no.The Democrat-controlled State Senate approved all of Christie’s proposals except for the bill affecting Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Christie’s two-term stint as governor is due to end in January 2018.The budget stalemate centers on Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s desire for legislation to overhaul Horizon. The shutdown closed many tourist attractions ahead of the July Fourth holiday weekend and furloughed more than 30,000 state employees.”Run for governor, and you can have a residence there”, he told reporters. He encouraged people to use them – but urged them to use sunscreen and hydrate.