Nintendo releases the first trailer for new Super Mario game

Each Kingdom has its own special coins that can be used to buy outfits to change Mario’s appearance The three Super Mario Odyssey amiibo will let you unlock each character’s wedding outfit, while all amiibo now on sale will also be supported.’Super Mario Odyssey’ sparkles, blows minds Nintendo’s new home and portable console, the Switch, appears to be on track for a strong first year, supported by successive releases of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and soon Splatoon 2.Check out co-op mode for “Super Mario Odyssey” in action around the 4:30 mark.Naturally, we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit New Donk City, so that was our first choice when getting our hands on Odyssey. Special pixelated pipes turn Mario into 8-bit graffiti on the wall to let him run a challenge in traditional 2D platforming style. The city’s occupants look like actual humans, including the city’s mayor, Pauline (who you might remember from the original Donkey Kong). So without wasting any more time, check out some exclusive gameplay videos we captured while at the Nintendo E3 booth at E3 2017. You can do this with a button press, but it’s more fun to flick your wrist, at least when you’re using the standalone Joy-Cons while the Switch itself is docked.Cappy also gets to collect coins and collector’s items along the way. Both types of currency can be used to buy new outfits and hats at Crazy Cap.While at E3, COGconnected had the privilege to go hands-on with Nintendo Switch’s big holiday 2017 hit, Super Mario Odyssey. “Super Mario 3D World” had four-player co-op, but camera view was limited due to the number of players on the screen. The fact that Cappy is not to be destroyed only makes the game even more interesting and a delight to play.In co-op mode, player two will take control of Mario hat in Super Mario Odyssey. And despite the venture outside of the Magic Kingdom’s usual well-worn territory, it still feels very much like it belongs in the series.Super Mario Odyssey launches October 27 for the Nintendo Switch.