Nova Launcher Finally Gets Google Now Integration Without Needing Root or Gestures

A few information on upcoming Google Pixel 2 has been leaked just this week. I ran into a few issues where the launcher wouldn’t detect the Google API, and thus, not allow the Now pane to be opened on my Galaxy S8+, but you have to remember that this is still a brand new feature.Google has recently been reported to cancel the release of the Google Pixel XL successor codenamed “Muskie”. Initially, it was known that Google was working on two models; muskie and Taimen.Currently, HTC is still being assumed to be in charge of manufacturing the smaller versions of Google Pixel 2 smartphones. While there are numerous possibilities of why these numbers may not add up, they can still be considered very close, and it can also mean that Google’s foray into smartphones is going well.REUTERS/Beck DiefenbachThe Google Pixel phone is displayed during the presentation of new Google hardware in San Francisco, California. The Pixel and Pixel XL were not based on a pre-existing design, so we probably shouldn’t expect this year’s Pixels to be dead ringers of the LG G6. And true enough, the Sailfish, aka Google Pixel, came out at 5.7 feet while Marlin, aka Pixel XL, at 5.5 feet.Last year, there were rumours that Pixel phones may eventually adopt custom processors, though the concern is if it is practical or not.Now, while we have nothing concrete about the design of the Walleye, we’ve heard through the grapevine that the Taimen is about to feature such bezel-slimming design that will make it relevant to the contemporary industry trends.It looks like Google might soon roll out a redesign of the Google Feed on Android devices. This app fulfills the Google app’s necessity for the client to be debuggable, but since it’s debuggable, it can’t be published to the Play Store. However, we can certainly be optimistic towards Taimen after this cancellation of Muskie. Move in to the Google Play app store for this first step.The new Google Feed interface also has an “Upcoming” section located on the top right-hand corner. And thus, most reports and rumors believe Google will follow that pattern this year. Nonetheless, 9To5Google has also outlined a possible investment by Google in LG for flexible OLED displays. If the South Korean company accepts the offer, Google could increase the size of the investment depending on the details of the contract, such as supply conditions.