Sad! Horror movie legend, George Romero dies at 77!

“Night Of The Living Dawn” was released in 1968, and it proved a resurrection of the zombie theme.His undead creatures stumbled after their human prey, transforming them into zombies in turn by biting into their flesh, and perishing only after a shot to the head. “But because the character was played by an African-American, you nearly don’t notice anything else”.”I remember standing in my flat in Islington when I got the call from him and he couldn’t have been warmer and kinder about the movie”, he said.The third “Living Dead” film, “Day of the Dead”, came out in 1985 and was followed by “Land of the Dead” in 2005.Romero is credited with pioneering the zombie film genre.Although his latest films didn’t receive the critical acclaim of his earlier efforts, his influence over the horror genre can still be felt today.”They’re not insane, fantastical monsters”. I sympathize with them. “There are a few sort of “OK” vampires in the story, but majority are the oppressors”, he said. It also cast Duane Jones as the lead, during a time when it was not typical for a black man to be the hero in an American film.Musician and director Rob Zombie, who directed the films House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and 2007’s Halloween remake, also posted a tribute to the “zombie master”. Thank you for making me afraid.His other films included Season Of The Witch in 1972 and The Crazies the following year. It was recently reported that he was writing and directing George A. Romero Presents: Road of the Dead. He grew up a fan of classic movie monsters, and told NPR he did not expect to create a movement with his film. They’re our neighbors, our relatives, our friends.All of his “dead” films up to that point had been filmed in Pittsburgh, Penn., which became Romero’s adopted home after he moved there for college after being born in NY. He learned the film business working on the sets of movies.