Taylor Swift Desperate To Win Over Joe Alwyn’s Parents

Taylor Swift’s unexpected decision to allow her music back on streaming services is certainly paying off. Now, Taylor seems to have changed her mind, and her music is back on websites like Spotify and Pandora.Meanwhile, more than $59,000 of the revenue made from the publishing royalties will be divided among Swift and her co-writers.According to Billboard, Swift has brought home nearly $400,000 after only a single week of her songs streaming.Taylor Swift initially removed all of her songs from Spotify and other streaming services as a protest to highlight the fact that artists don’t earn much money that way.The music was streamed 4.75 million times in America alone.The announcement by her management said that the re-release was a “thank you” to fans to celebrate her album 1989 selling over 10 million albums worldwide.Even for Swift, who topped last year’s list of highest-earning celebrities with $234 million (she dropped to a modest $173 million on this year’s list), that’s too hefty a cut to just “shake it off”.Swift caused a stir when she initially withdrew her catalogue from Spotify in 2014, citing privacy risks and the inability to not appear on Spotify’s ad-sponsored platform as reasons for pulling her music from the site.