All the Spoilers from 'Winds of Winter' Chapters Released Online

All the Spoilers from 'Winds of Winter' Chapters Released Online

Although some optimistic fans are hopeful George RR Martin could deliver the full Winds of Winter chapters this year, the author has remained tight-lipped about its release date. Despite that, he still managed to release some of the book pages online—teasing everyone about what they can expect in the upcoming sixth installment.

George RR Martin Released Winds of Winter Chapters

The 68-year-old writer looks like he both loves and hates his readers. He probably hates them for repeatedly asking him when the book will actually come out, but he must love that they are so invested because he shares snippets of the novel with them sometimes. In any case, Martin previously dropped some Winds of Winter chapters.

The author even read those lines during conventions and posted the others on his blog. Finally, book readers get to revel in his far-superior fiction world of stringing themselves along like addicts by watching HBO’s Game of Thrones. To dive deep into the chapters is to visit a universe completely apart from the world of the TV show—the world where Ser Barristan is still alive, Sansa is still in the Vale, and people like Arianne Martell and would-be Aegon VI not only exist but are very significant.

For those who want a preview of the highly-anticipated sixth book, there are several chapters already out online. With all the necessary spoiler warnings in place, here are the bones of what happens in each chapter so far.

Theon Greyjoy Chapter

Martin released this chapter on his website in 2011, later explaining that part of it had been cut from A Dance With Dragons. In the story, Theon was imprisoned by Stannis’ army after his escape from Winterfell at the end of the fifth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

This chapter finds him chained up by Stannis in preparation for his execution in punishment for murdering the two youngest Starks (who, unbeknown to the Baratheon heir, are yet alive). Theon watches Stannis easily deter the Karstarks’ planned betrayal, plans to buy a company of Sellswords in Braavos, and seems unperturbed by the news of Ramsay Bolton’s brutality.

Arianne Martell Chapter

Martin released two Arianne Martell of Dome chapters on his website in 2012. In the pages, the daughter of Prince Doran Martell sets off to the Stormlands on a diplomatic mission to the young invader Aegon Targaryen, who is also known as Young Griff. On her journey, she wonders if Aegon is really a Targaryen and the whereabouts of her brother Quentyn, who went to seek the hand of Daenerys Targaryen.

Victarion Greyjoy Chapter

The author read it in two parts at the different fan conventions in 2012. In this chapter, Victorion and Iron Fleet remnants reach out Meeren in the hope of having an alliance with Daenerys and her dragons. He then orders three oarsmen to blow the magical horn, Dragonbinder, to tame the dragons. He promises the men wealth if they survive the task, but thinks to himself that they will probably die.

Tyrion Chapter

Martin read this chapter at a British sci-fi convention in 2012. In this, Tyrion tries to persuade sellsword Brown Ben Plumm to abandon the Yunkish, and go back to Daenerys’ side. But before it takes place, a number of ships arrive in the harbor. It’s the Ironborn!

Arya Stark Chapter

The renowned writer posted it to his website in 2014, later noting that it was originally intended to be included of A Feast for Crows before having a slot in the Winds of Winter chapters. Arya Stark, now going by the name of Mercedene or Mercy, is working as part of a Braavosi theater troupe.

To honor some respected visitors from Westeros, the group is putting on a play that appears to be a Lannister-friendly retelling of the Game of Thrones plot. Before the performance, Arya recognizes one of the guardsmen who killed her friend Lommy back in Clash of Kings. She tempts the soldier away from the theater and stabbed him to death.

Given the average number of chapters from Martin’s previous five books in the series, the aforementioned Winds of Winter chapters could only be five to ten percent of the entire novel. Needless to say, you may read more preview chapters here.