Andrew Lincoln Dead: Rick Dies Before 'The Walking Dead' Series Finale

Andrew Lincoln Dead: Rick Dies Before 'The Walking Dead' Series Finale

The “Andrew Lincoln dead” rumors may come true on the show since The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman teased the end of the series during the San Diego Comic-Con 2017. In fact, Lincoln himself shared his ideas of how Rick will die.

It is a fact that no one is truly safe in the zombie apocalypse drama. In the previous installments, viewers saw some major characters killed off brutally one by one. Now, it appears like Kirkman is hinting the inevitable demise of Lincoln’s Rick Grimes before the series comes to an end. He previously said that he planned to kill the lead star “eventually,” and promised that there’s life for the show after his death.

Andrew Lincoln Dead: Robert Kirkman Teases Rick’s Demise

During the recent Comic-Con, a fan asked whether or not the apocalyptic story would continue. Kirkman responded, “Yeah, I think so. I’ve said before, Rick does not survive to the end. It was years ago so you guys probably forgot but I foresee there being more story after his eventual demise…Next issue.”

The creator already has a series ending in his mind. He explained, “I haven’t written it down or anything so, you know, I don’t know why I would do that. It seems too practical and responsible, but I remember it. So, I’m working towards that but it’s a very long way off.”

With his recent remarks, it appears like the end of the series is already on the plate. The Walking Dead is heading into Season 8 while the popular comics are approaching 200 issues. Apparently, many believe that Rick will die as the latest Season 8 trailer unveiled “Old Man Rick.” Is Andrew Lincoln dead in the next installment?

While Kirkman was joking about killing the main guy in issue 171 of The Walking Dead, his remarks may mean something as the character was seen in the clip not having the best time. In the trailer, some of the scenes go upbeat and explosive. But what really caught everyone’s attention is the tease at the end: a walking cane followed by old man Rick in a bed, which may be a nod to a big storyline in the upcoming season.

Lincoln Shares Rick’s Death Story in The Walking Dead

Lincoln shared his own ideas of how he wants to end Rick’s life in the series. The actor revealed, “I’m gonna say this now, this is how I want Rick to die. Do you want to hear it? I was gonna say it, anyway.” He went on to narrate, “So, we’re going through a desert somewhere and I jump off the bus.”

The American star further added, “In a very heroic act, Rick jumps off, “Cororororal.’ He’s still alive. Maybe it’s the last thing I say. I jump off and I’m like kung-fu kicking, earn my action figure, half way though I get bit…Ow! Doesn’t matter, keep going! Anyway, I deal with that, and I’m dying on my own. Just waiting to die.”

However, he mentioned that it’s not the end of the Andrew Lincoln dead story. He quipped that Rick patched himself up and didn’t die – apparently finding out that he is the cure for the whole thing. The actor added, “High shot, herd of zombies coming: Rick gets up, follows the tracks to go see Carl walking, the herd comes towards him, and they separate. He walks through. Boom!”


"Rick will not make it to the end of #TheWalkingDead" – RK

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