'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Reveals a Female Version Of Eren: Details Here

'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Reveals a Female Version Of Eren: Details Here

With Attack on Titan season 2 over and done with, most may have paid more attention to the main protagonists – Eren, Armin and Mikasa. The anime did wrap up with a cliffhanger, revealing Eren’s true powers as a titan shifter.

From here, all eyes on Attack on Titan season 3 which is reportedly due in the spring of 2018. This was revealed at the Anime Expo 2017 where teasers included a photo as well as angles set to take place in the next installment of the popular manga series. But before that, an interesting take comes from creator Hajime Isayama.

Attack on Titan season 2 technically had a female Eren in Gabi

While most focused on Eren and his storyline, it seems that there was actually a female version of the lead character in Gabi, well sort of. In an interview with Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, Isayama discussed character inspiration.

It was here where Isayama admitted that Gabi held a similar feel to Eren, borrowing the female form that digs up the latter’s gender-bent past back in 2013, Comicbook.com reported. This had to do with a sketch which was eventually immortalized on Isayama’s blog.

For Attack on Titan fans, most have gotten used to seeing Eren in his male form. But somehow, Isayama’s explanation inadvertently squeezes in Gabi, putting those old sketches to good use.

Who is Gabi anyway?

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with Gabi, she is the cousin of Reiner and soldier of Marley. She grew up idolizing the power of the Titans and ended up being a candidate for the Armored Titan power. The similarity she shares with Eren is her determination on the battlefield, something the male version showed when he was with the Survey Corps.

It will be interesting what lies ahead and if that tenacity carries on for Gabi. Will she carry the same commitment to wipe out every last Titan? How about getting the same shapeshifting powers like Eren? All that would be the call of Isayama.

For now, the focus is Eren who most are familiar with. Attack on Titan season 3 will be pretty interesting as the Survey Corps try to deal with him and his Titan troops and other Titan shifters. The word out is that the next chapters will unravel gut-wrenching twists which could throw fans off as humans continue their quest to save mankind from impending threats.