'Degrassi: Next Class' Season 4 Introduces Genderfluid Character

'Degrassi: Next Class' Season 4 Introduces Genderfluid Character

The stars of the show will be dealing with more than just the graduation drama when Degrassi: Next Class Season 4 premieres on Netflix on July 7. Gender fluidity and more hookups will be added to the list of the things the new installment will touch on in its return to the small screens.

The Netflix series has long been known for displaying real-world issues that teens face realistically and thoughtfully. The third season brought refugees to Degrassi, tackled Lola’s abortion with almost no excess drama attached, and showcased Maya’s depression struggles. Season 4’s new trailer shows the characters dealing with tough concerns, from the aftermath of Maya’s overdose to students confronting “Islamophobia.”

Needless to say, the teen drama will not only deal with such world problems. It will also touch the topics on romance, heartbreak, and gender identity issues. The new trailer hints that viewers can look forward to plenty of breakups, makeups, and eventually hookups – in between the show’s iconic ripped-from-the-headlines tragedy.

Degrassi: Next Class Season 4 Welcomes Genderfluid Character

Jamie Bloch dropped scoop about her character and the new topics that the series will focus on this fourth season. The actress, who plays Yael, told Amanda Arcuri that they have been questioning their identity as they don’t classify themselves with either end of the gender sets.

Moreover, the 17-year-old star explained: “I don’t feel like a girl, or what everyone thinks is a girl.” The young actress was momentarily confused as to whether she was simply gay. She added, “I don’t like makeup or stuff like you do. I really, really hate my boobs…But I’m definitely not a boy either.”

This prompted Arcuri, who plays Lola Pacini in Degrassi: Next Class Season 4, to introduce her pal and fellow Gamer club vlogger to the idea of “genderfluidity,” citing her most loved vloggers as an example. She quipped, “Thy feel like they’re between a boy or girl. Or both. Or neither. If being a boy or girl is made up, then you can make whatever you want.”

Season 4 of Degrassi: Next Class To Feature More Hookups and Breakups

Fans can expect more hookups and breakups among the cast of Degrassi: Next Class Season 4. Ricardo Hoyos (Zig) looks like he can’t manage Chelsea Clark’s Esme’s intensity. It is believed that Esme still has some jealousy over Zig’s past relationship with Maya.

Sara Waisglass’ Frankie gets the surprise of her life when she learns that Ehren Kassam’s Johah and Nikki Gould’s Grace are publicizing their relationship. On the other hand, Dalia Yegavian’s Rasha and Ana Golja’s Zoe are starting to fall in love with each other, while Maya’s pal Parham Rownaghi’s Saad seems to be collecting nemeses. The clip below suggests that Saad is at odds with Goldi, Hunter, and Zig.