'Gotham' Season 4 may Finally Introduce Batman, Bruce Wayne Vigilante Mode in Season 3

'Gotham' Season 4 may Finally Introduce Batman, Bruce Wayne Vigilante Mode in Season 3

Gotham Season 4 is expected to make startling revelations with most eager to find out if Batman/ The Dark Knight will actually evolve in the series. While showrunners had previously shot down the idea, the season 3 finale begs to hint otherwise.

For those who missed the Gotham season 3 finale, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) showed a glimpse of things to come for Gotham season 4. He helped prevent a mobbing at a dark alley, reminiscent of how he lost his parents when he was younger. Bruce wore a mask and was revealed before the final episode went off the air.

Gotham Season 4 may reveal the Batman suit

Speaking of the Batman, it will be interesting if the Batman suit will be revealed and at what point. Producers could hold off on that, delaying that reveal to back up their earlier plans.

However, Mazouz believes that Batman is “absolutely” coming, something he revealed when he spoke to Comicbook.com. it could hint at a double-identity, something that caped crusader is best known for in the comics, animated series and the movies.

Is Gotham nearing the end?

Writers previously said that Bruce may don the outfit but this would come once Gotham nears its end. A lot has gone down in the past three seasons and season 4 is unlikely to be the last. Hence, seeds could be planted, perhaps an insurance that showrunners can turn to in the event that ratings turn sour.

In a way, the Batman angle may have come a bit too fast, something which Mazouz believes is happening at a fast pace. While he initially thought that the direction would backtrack a bit or slow down, it seems that the show is accelerating towards that direction and not going to stop.

Aside from Gotham season 4, it would be best to note if there is a fifth season to look forward to. That has apparently gone through the minds of fans, seeing how the Dark Knight could technically be unveiled by the season 4 finale, Screen Rant reported.

Nothing is certain for now and there are plenty of loose ends. It would be best to note that sans the Batman angle, there have been a lot of tweaks done already. The villains have slowly taken shape while some DC characters have not exactly followed the script the comic book version portrayed them to be.

Gotham Season 4 could change all that, twists that should set things straight. This is assuming that Gotham is slowly leaning to the actual storyline of Batman or the Dark Knight.