Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke Huge Moment Revealed

Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke Huge Moment Revealed

With only two seasons left for Game of Thrones, a lot of answers are expected once the series unravels this July 16. Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and more are among the stars to watch out for and some leaks may have spoiled the things to come.

Thanks to an interview from Uproxx, Game of Thrones costume designer Michel Clapton may have just spilled details on what to expect. Wardrobe choices may not be given much attention but do render hints on things to come.

Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke come face-to-face

The guess is out on who between Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke should be rightfully seated to rule the Seven Kingdoms with fans making their own speculations. The crusading Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) holds a slight edge over Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) in the polls put up by as most ponder on who will end up wearing the crown.

But if the revelation of the costume designer would be something to look into, the answer to all this may be in the cape. Aside from a heavy piece he would have to don, taking it out made him agiler particularly during fight scenes. Though it gave him more presence, it was a load off that made him a bit vulnerable.

So where does Daenerys come in? Snow will apparently come face-to-face with her as well as Queen Cersei Lannister (Lena Headley). It is a historic meeting that fans have been pondering about, something that could turn the tide with Jon a journey away from Winterfell, Digital Spy reported.

Climactic and monumental meeting

Hence, looming are monumental meetings and reunions which Game of Thrones fans have been long waiting for. Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Queen Cersei are looming as only one of them, meaning more could be happening as the series heads towards it penultimate season.

“There’s a whole bunch of reunions and first time meetings that people have been waiting for for a long time and when you put it on paper you just want to do justice to the work that these guys have done building these characters over so many years. You want to give them as much as you can,” said produce D.B. Weiss recently in reference to the seventh season.

The suspense should be over in a couple of days with Game of Thrones set to return to HBO on July 16 and July 17 on Sky Atlantic for UK viewers. For those who missed the trailer, you can watch it below.