'Love' Netflix Season 3 Release Date Set for March 2018

'Love' Netflix Season 3 Release Date Set for March 2018

Love Netflix series has been renewed for another season. Love Season 3 is set to premiere in March 2018.

The Netflix original series is a modern day romantic comedy that is aimed towards the younger generations. The Love Netflix series follows the life of nice guy Gus (Paul Rust) and rebellious gal Mickey (Gillian Jacobs). In the story, the two navigate the joys and humiliations of intimacy and  relationship.

The gap between Love Seasons 1 and 2 was around 13 months. Unless there would be a delay, the show is most likely set to return in February or March next year. One thing that could cause a delay, however, is another project of showrunner Judd Apatow, What’s On Netflix wrote. Aside from Apatow, Love Netflix is also created, written, and executive produced by Rust.

Love Season 3 Cast

Rust and Jacobs are coming back in Season 3. By that time, their characters are already a real couple. In Love Season 3, Gus and Mickey may get things in order — or not — since Gus’ family will come into play next season.

Award-winning Kathy Baker and Kyle Bornheimer have also signed on for recurring roles in Season 3. Baker will play Vicki, Gus’ mother. Bornheimer will portray Ken, Gus’ older brother. Baker is known for her role as Dr. Jill Brock in the CBS 90s drama series, Picket Fences. Bornheimer, on the other hand, has a recurring role as Teddy Wells on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Love Season 2 Quick Recap

Gus came back from Atlanta and invited his friends to celebrate. As the party’s winding down, two of Gus’s friends revealed that they saw Mickey with another guy while Gus is away. When Gus and Mickey finally see each other again, he apologized to her and told Mickey that he went to an AA meeting. Then Mickey got a text from Dustin (Rich Sommer).

At Dustin’s place, Mickey tried to end things with him. Dustin got angry and told her that Gus will never make her happy. Dustin once again called Mickey a whore.

Back at home, Mickey told her roommate, Bertie (Claudia O’Doherty), that she ended things with Dustin but did not tell Gus about it. The next morning, Dustin’s text messages woke up Mickey. He insisted that he wants to talk to her and that he is coming over. Mickey tried to rush Gus out of the apartment. When Dustin arrived at Mickey’s place, the two were gone but he was able to find where they are because of Bertie.

Dustin showed up at Gus’s apartment and told him the truth about his rekindled relationship with Mickey. But Mickey told Gus that she wants to be in a relationship with him. Mickey also told Gus that she wants it to be an exclusive one. Then Daniel Johnston’s song, True Love Will Find You in the End, played in the background while Mickey and Gus kiss. Dustin has no choice but to walked out of the room.