'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6: Bennett May Visit Dayanara, Cindy 'Sexy' Moment

'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6: Bennett May Visit Dayanara, Cindy 'Sexy' Moment

When Orange Is the New Black Season 6 premieres, the fan-favorite inmates could be seen divided into two prisons because of the messy riots in the Litchfield correctional facility. Also, the new installment may include Bennett’s possible visitation to Dayanara and Cindy’s “sexy” moment.

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 to Feature New Twists

Season 5 ended with an explosion, leaving the fate of the inmates as one collective question mark. As a matter of fact, it becomes one of the show’s surprising cliffhangers to date. Since the series mirrored real-life situations,  it’s not going to be as safe for the women and their surroundings in Orange Is the New Black Season 6.

Dascha Polanco, who stars as Dayanara Diaz in the Jenji Kohan-made prison dramedy, expressed her thoughts about what is next for her role in the upcoming season. The actress, whose character gave birth while in prison, hopes that the writers will allow Dayanara deal with her emotional issues and reconnect with her baby’s father, correctional officer John Bennett.

The 34-year-old star said, “I want Dayanara to go through a postpartum depression because I want that topic to be of discussion. I want her to be visited by Bennett. She added that she would “love to know where her daughter is.”

While Polanco is interested in having her character’s personal issues resolved, Adrienne C. Moore admitted that she would just love for her role to have a “sexy” moment. Moore quipped, “I want Cindy to be in a relationship. We need the big girls to have a relationship. We are sexy.”

Season 6 May Feature New Prisons and Cast Will Be Divided!

Many asserted that the cast would be divided into two as a result of the three-day riot. Selenis Leyva revealed that there was nothing left “concrete” after the fifth season. She further explained, “Nothing will ever, ever be the same. Not Litchfield, not any of these women. If you do make it out alive, it’s going to be a whole new world.”

Leyva also hinted that the iconic prison might not be used in Orange Is the New Black Season 6. She said, “We’ve become very used to Litchfield. Will there be a Litchfield? I think the world is going to change drastically for those that survive, and that’s scary.”

Meanwhile, the theory about the cast division came after the finale episode, which showed the inmates loaded onto buses bound for unknown destinations. They believed that there are women who chose to stay in Litchfield and others will be transported to a new penitentiary facility.

Polanco elucidated, “As in life when you’re in prison, you don’t know if you’ll survive, if you’ll be transferred, if they’ll keep you in there, if they set you free.” She added, “We know there is a season six, but we don’t know where the destiny lies.”