'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6: Daya Faces Charges for Humphrey’s Death

'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6: Daya Faces Charges for Humphrey’s Death

After the fifth season’s messy prison riot, Orange Is the New Black Season 6 may feature another devastating plot. Daya facing could face charges for Humphrey’s death, even though it was Kukudio who killed him.

At its best, the popular drama reached the pinnacle of success with a massive ensemble of intriguing characters and a commitment to telling different stories about all walks of human life. But even in its unstable seasons, the show still celebrated and understood the essential humanity of everyone on screen. It is definitely the kind of series where every character contains multitudes and where empathy is flashed in all directions.

Now that viewers finally finished the fifth installment, it is for sure that they found those awful riot scenes hard to process. Everyone will take a beat to collect themselves and rectify their feelings before the premiere of Orange Is the New Black Season 6.

Daya Faces Charges in Orange Is the New Black Season 6

Netflix already renewed the series for two more seasons before Season 5 was released. While there is no official premiere date, the sixth installment will likely air in June 2018. With an early renewal, it is possible that it will be aired on schedule. The previous season’s finale left a bunch of questions among the fans, particularly about the fate of Dascha Polanco’s Daya.

In the sixth run, Daya could face serious charges over Humphrey’s demise. Although it was Kukudio who ultimately caused the death of Hump, there are possibilities that Daya will be blamed. It remains unknown, however, if the inmate will be indicted for the act she did not commit. Regardless of what happens to her, one thing fans know is that the aftermath of the riot will be felt.

Dascha Polanco Teases Daya’s Fate in the Upcoming Season

Meanwhile, Polanco opened up about the success of the Netflix original series and her famous character. She couldn’t be more proud of how the fifth season turned out. The actress said that maintaining the same emotional state in the entire six-month filming period was challenging.

Polanco explained, “This season is only three days, so there were moments where I’m like, ‘Wait, I’m still in the same clothes, still in the same emotional state for three days, within a six-month period. So it was a good exhaustion.” She was also pleased with the affirmative reviews and responses from the viewers to the show.

When asked about the fate of her character, Daya, in Orange Is the New Black Season 6, the 34-year-old star admitted that she had no idea. She quipped, “As in life when you’re in prison, you don’t know if you’ll survive, if you’ll be transferred, if they’ll keep you in there, if they set you free. We know there is a season six, but we don’t know where the destiny lies.”