'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6 Set in Two Different Prisons, Cast to be Divided

'Orange Is the New Black' Season 6 Set in Two Different Prisons, Cast to be Divided

Even before Season 5 hit the small screens, Netflix already confirmed Orange Is the New Black Season 6 and 7. And since the fifth installment ended on a surprising note and a cliffhanger, fans are speculating that the next run could introduce a markedly different prison setup and the division of the much-beloved characters.

While Season 5 was released just last month, dedicated viewers of the Netflix original series are already eager to find out what is in store for them come the sixth season. Even though not much is known about how it will pan out, many believe that its story will deal with the aftermath of the messy riot, with new twists and turns.

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 Set in Different Prison

In an interview, Selenis Leyva said, “There was nothing left concrete after season five. Nothing will ever, ever be the same. Not Litchfield, not any of these women. If you do make it out alive, it’s going to be a whole new world.” The actress added that they “don’t know what’s coming for season six.”

Moreover, Leyva hinted that the iconic facility might not be used in the upcoming season. She explained, “We’ve become very used to Litchfield. Will there be a Litchfield? I think the world is going to change drastically for those that survive, and that’s scary.”

The fate of the inmates remains under lock until the premiere of Orange Is the New Black Season 6. Actress Natasha Lyonne explained, “We don’t know if all of our characters die. If some of us die. We don’t know if we will kill everybody that walks through that door.”

Orange Is the New Black Characters Will Be Divided

The finale showed how the riot shattered the world of Litchfield Penitentiary. Now, fans speculate that the cast will be divided in the next installment. This notion came after the final scene showed the inmates loaded onto buses bounded for unknown destinations. Meanwhile, other characters chose to remain in the iconic prison with potentially fatal consequences.

The 10 inmates held hands together in an abandoned area of the correctional facility while waiting for the next chapter of their lives. Dascha Polanco admitted, “As in life when you’re in prison, you don’t know if you’ll survive, if you’ll be transferred, if they’ll keep you in there, if they set you free. We know there is a season six, but we don’t know where the destiny lies.”

It remains a question if some of the key characters would remain at Litchfield prison while others could be transferred to a maximum security facility. Everyone should then wait until Orange Is the New Black Season 6 airs.