'Poldark' Season 3 Eleanor Tomlinson Slams Fans for 'Invasive' Selfies, Is She Overreacting?

'Poldark' Season 3 Eleanor Tomlinson Slams Fans for 'Invasive' Selfies, Is She Overreacting?

The premiere of Poldark Season 3 brought in millions of viewers across the world, with the second episode leaving everyone feeling hot and flustered. And while Eleanor Tomlinson enjoyed the Royal Ascot, the actress felt disappointed given the “invasive” fans. Was she overreacting?

The 25-year-old actress made a quite memorable return to the small screens on Sunday, when her character Demelza shared some steamy scenes with Aidan Turner’s Captain Ross Poldark. In fact, the passionate act drew in a horde of viewers as the hunk displayed his ripped torso in front of the camera. But on Wednesday, Tomlinson looked worlds away from her alter ego as she stood out from the crowd during her arrival at the Ascot Racecourse.

Poldark Season 3 Star Eleanor Tomlinson Steals Ascot Spotlight!

The English actress wowed everyone as she stepped out in an eye-catching white lace gown with a ruffled Victorian-inspired neckline at the Berkshire Racecourse. A high saucer-shaped hat, textured clutch bag, and metallic sandals completed her look. Donning her trademark red tresses up, she made the most of her slender figure in her outfit while attending the star-studded event.

At the Royal Ascot, Tomlinson stood out among a sea of well-heeled attendees, who included former Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone. Other high-profile personalities also appeared at the event, including Jackie St. Clair and Chris Eubank. The actress’s grand day out came days after the sophomore episode of Poldark Season 3 was aired, displaying her character enjoying a steamy romp with her onscreen husband. You can view Tomlinson’s Ascot photos below.

Eleanor Tomlinson Slams “Invasive” Fans For Bombarding Her with Selfie Requests

While the photos of the actress at the Ascot showcased her elegance and beauty, there was much disappointment during the filming of Poldark Season 3. Tomlinson talked about being bombarded with requests from the fans to take selfies. At least once a day while shooting the show in period costumes in Cornwall, fans dropped by to ask her for photos.

Aidan Turner’s leading lady quipped, “The selfie is so so much the rage and I just find it so invasive if someone comes up to you and throws a phone in your face.” She further added, “Because you’re in people’s living rooms, they feel they have this sense of ownership of you.”

Tomlinson explained that when they were filming in Cornwall, there was some sort of “Poldark memorabilia or book cover or something, and people consider you their property.” Because of the downsides of fame, she admitted she tried to keep her head down when she went out in public. With her remarks, fans may conclude that she is just overreacting. Needless to say, celebrities deserve some privacy, too.


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