'Poldark' Season 3 Star Aidan Turner Comments on the Father of Demelza's Baby

'Poldark' Season 3 Star Aidan Turner Comments on the Father of Demelza's Baby

Poldark Season 3 star Aidan Turner defended his character from the critics who frankly asserted that Demelza’s possible new affair would serve Ross right after the things he did to her. The actor said that the captain was a “flawed character” and not “selfish.”

Many fans took to social media to express their disappointment when Turner’s Ross cheated on his wife and treated her unkindly. Now that the series is back to the television screens with new twists and turns, there could be long-term consequences coming to the brooding captain. In fact, it remains a question whether he is the father of Elizabeth’s baby.

Aidan Turner Speaks Out about Ross: “He’s Not Selfish”

Poldark Season 3 promises more action, romance, adventure, and jealousy than the previous installments. Ross’ former lover, Elizabeth, welcomed her baby, but is it his or George’s? Turner laughed off the question and replied: “Nobody knows.“

The Irish star went on to discuss, “There is a part of him that is growing up a bit more and learning from his ways. He’s understanding and realizing where he’s at and what he’s in and that he could lose Demelza.” He further added that Ross nearly lost her in season two when she almost walked out on him. Apparently, the captain is now conscious of not making the same mistakes.

However, Turner quipped: “But then sometimes he does things that are outrageous and that’s why we love him.” He defended Ross by saying that the character was a “flawed” character and he’s not a perfect human. He explained, “He doesn’t try to be a perfect person. But I like him because he’s courageous and always kind of on the front foot. He’s making decisions and I guess he’s helping people too.”

The actor then said that he admired Ross for not being “selfish or lazy.” In the coming episodes, it appears like the new character, Hugh Armitage, takes a shine to Demelza. Turner said, “I don’t know that Ross suspects there is anything between the two of them. Hugh is a much younger guy than Ross and he likes him a lot.” Nonetheless, his wife’s reaction to Hugh’s attention remains to be seen.

Poldark Season 3 Demelza Is Pregnant with Ross’ Baby Again!

While some viewers still believed that Ross deserved to face consequences for his past actions, many were in shock after Demelza dropped the baby bombshell. As they entered the period drama with the question over the identity of the father of Elizabeth’s baby, they were handed another surprise.

In the episode, Demelza asked: “Since you lost a part of your family, can you find it in you to embrace a part of mine? There’s something I must tell you Ross, and I fear you might not like it. I’m with child again.” Her doubts about her husband not liking the idea might be because of the previous ache caused by the death of their daughter, Julia.

Ross was stunned with the announcement and responded, “I might wish the timing was better. Everything in this word seems less certain, except for you.” Several fans flocked together on Twitter, with one commenting, “Another baby! Congratulations Demelza and Ross.” Another wrote, “That Poldark sperm be potent.”

But in the previous episode of Poldark Season 3, viewers saw Ross seizing the opportunity to do what he really enjoyed the most in life even though Elizabeth had just given birth to a son and Demelza had told him she was pregnant with his baby. With his decision, could there be a chance of a blossoming romance between his wife and Hugh?