'Power' Season 4 Episode 4: Angela, Tasha Come Face-to-Face, Joe Finds Out About Sandoval

'Power' Season 4 Episode 4: Angela, Tasha Come Face-to-Face, Joe Finds Out About Sandoval

DA Angela Valdez is getting back to the prosecution team, but her task might force her to talk to Tasha, the wife of her ex-boyfriend, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, in Power Season 4 Episode 4.

In the previous episode, John Mak (Sung Kang) brought Angela (Lela Loren) back to the prosecution team. She was tasked to question LaKeisha (La La Anthony) about Tommy (Joseph Sikora), his relationship with James (Omari Hardwick), and Ghost and Tasha’s (Naturi Naughton) marital issues. Based on Keisha’s responses, Angela can prove that Ghost and Tasha were not together when Greg Knox (Andy Bean) was killed.

This means Angela would be able to break the spousal privilege and could force Tasha to testify against her husband. If Tasha refuses, she could be prosecuted. In Episode 4, a meeting between Angela and Tasha will most likely take place. It is expected to be intense since Angela and Ghost had been involved in the past.

Joe Proctor’s Plan Against Mike Sandoval

Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) has a theory that Sandoval (David Pumero) may have something to do with Knox’s murder. It can be recalled that Greg was killed because he found out that Sandoval is the mole. Proctor needs to find proof to connect Sandoval to the murder and provide some tangible proof, notes CarterMatt.com.

Unfortunately, Sandoval has all the power right now. Proctor has to work harder to find evidence to take down Sandoval. Meanwhile, Mike will definitely use his power to sway the trial.

Power Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Proctor hired Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) to assist him, but James isn’t too fond of his counsel’s second-chair because of his judgmental demeanor. James finally admitted that he broke into Knox’s home to find evidence that the agent and Angela were back together. In one of the pictures from the crime scene that Silver laid out, James noticed a burner phone. James said there was no phone in Knox’s home when he broke in. So, the phone possibly belongs to the mole.

Meanwhile, Angela visited Ghost in jail and offered him a plea deal. “Confess to killing Greg. Give us Tommy for the Lobos murder and I promise I will get your sentence reduced as much as I can,” Angela told Ghost.

James, however, thinks Angela is only offering the deal because she set him up, but Silver thinks they should consider the offer since he believes they will lose the case. However, Proctor shuts him down. He doesn’t think Angela is authorized to make such deal, notes Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, Proctor filed a motion to dismiss the DNA found on Knox’s nails. Proctor claimed that James’ DNA was not on Greg’s nails because of the murder but because Knox roughed him up a little when he illegally pulled Ghost over.

Maks and his team left no choice but to dismiss the DNA evidence. The prosecution knows that if they insisted on keeping the DNA, the judge would allow Proctor to imply that they intentionally lied about the illegal stop. Power Season 4 Episode 4 will air on Sunday (July 16) at 9/8 PM CT on Starz.